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  1. selosbo-06

    Meet Steve The Grunt Whomst I Made Up so Dont Judge me

    poor grunt hank its gonna rape him
  2. selosbo-06

    The Cursed

    I really do not get tired of saying this is the best organization I've seen in my whole life. You really do a great job in improving this every time and it shows that you put love, dedication and commitment to this good job.
  3. selosbo-06

    Writing the War?

    This reminds me of the conflict that has existed for 50 years in my country between guerrillas, mafia, gangs and paramilitary groups
  4. selosbo-06

    The Agency Against Anarchy and Chaos

    ok seeing it from another perspective has your answer logical and honestly the ranges were too exaggerated but more, however, I would like you to put the grunts again because really starting from official is something like very hurried do not you think? Also if you see that you want to put the grunts back put them with a basic armament (only a suggestion) and to finalize also the AAAA consortium (PS: sorry if you find it annoying but simply are just some minimal suggestions)
  5. selosbo-06

    Veles and "Sha-klicha"

    It is very amazing and interesting this race at the same time they are quite powerful and the truth was very intrigued to know about the origin of veles and also do a good job narrating new ideas
  6. selosbo-06

    The Great Army of Grunts

    oh SHIT
  7. selosbo-06

    The Cursed

    Do I have a question at some point you are going to show us the physical form of Veles?
  8. selosbo-06

    The Great Army of Grunts

    ok this army can literally be destroyed by any of the other factions (except for '' the think tank '', '' madness polish community '', '' madness memes '')
  9. selosbo-06

    Groupen asken

    then combine them with sergeants or officers so that they have better advantages in the aspects of leadership and support units
  10. selosbo-06

    Groupen asken

    then combine mystics, ogres and morana beasts
  11. selosbo-06

    Groupen asken

  12. hi people wanted to ask a question since there are organizations created by fans of madness there will be stories about them? What I want to say is that if the creators of these organizations made stories about them? an example would be '' The Cursed '' to this army I take as an example because their story is very interesting to the point I want to get is that if there are roles on this because I loved one called '' a grunt life '' where a gunt of the AAHW had to advance in the organization making decisions that people suggested every time a new situation appeared, whether it was in a war or at its base, so I am asked if there will be such roles.
  13. selosbo-06

    P.O.N - Protectors of Nevada

  14. selosbo-06

    P.O.N - Protectors of Nevada

    What is the H.E.C.U?