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  1. Zandermanith

    So , How's the game?

    The gameplay is solid, fast paced and most importantly; violent. The campaign is a good time and is the definitely where the game currently shines! It's tough, but can be overcome. It has a nice variety of enemies, which helps given that as one would expect; the goal most of the time is just to kill everything. Although stages are around 20 minutes long and only one stage has a checkpoint in it. I'm hoping they'll be added in the future, and I'm really hoping not having even a halfway marker isn't supposed to be part of the "challenge". Arena mode has a decent bit of content in it, but is exceptionally rough around the edges... and just all over really. A lot of Arena stages are fun, but quite a few of them are unfair in ways that I just personally don't enjoy. All Arena stages currently suffer from spawning issues, enemies periodically get stuck in other rooms and you have to hunt them out. And rather than have a constant flow of spawns, enemies are spawned in groups where the next group won't spawn until the final member of the previous group has been killed, this results in the game feeling a bit stop-and-go when you have to seek out one twat who's trying to have a one-to-one with a lampshade. Focus is 100% on Story Mode, so I'm sure Arena mode will get some work on it done eventually! There's also Interactive mode, which is a bit hacked together, but is a very welcome addition where you can spawn enemies and weapons at your leisure, play as any character and just kinda do... Whatever! The game is a good time, the foundation it's built on is exceptional, but it needs a lot of polish and bug fixing, which is why it's not quite available on Steam yet!
  2. Zandermanith

    Dash Attacks

    Glad something is coming for that! (Fix or otherwise) I think the dodge-cancelling'll make it work out! I still feel the dash attack's range is excessively short, but being able to bypass the recovery time means the momentum and flow of combat isn't abruptly halted by it! I think the fluid fast paced combat is one of the things this game excels massively at and anything that gives the player more control over their actions at any given moment is a good thing in my book!
  3. I think it is obvious enough, it's just that inevitably some people aren't gonna notice even the obvious, haha. I think I personally just got too into beating up swamp Zeds and just kinda ended up realizing maybe it was going on for a bit too long.
  4. Zandermanith

    arena [v1.09.b] Strange AI Pathing

    I assume this is a result of some recent AI tweaks not playing well with the pathing set in Arena stages, but the AI seem to be a lot less capable of navigating maps as they were previously. This issue is likely something that affects a lot of stages, but here's one specific example. I distinctly remember the AI were capable of navigating this ramp in Nexus Projects, but now the game seems to be pointing them in the wrong directions or just making them take the most direct route and ignoring the existence of the wall or heigh difference. Both Allies and enemies are pretty much completely incapable of navigating through the rooms in The Facility as well.
  5. Zandermanith

    Dash Attacks

    Are there any plans to improve on the dash attacks at some stage? As much as I enjoy the high stun chance, it's short ranged, has a long recovery time and half the time I don't even intend on doing it. Would be nice if it could have a range similar to regular melee attacks and a faster recovery time so you can transition into regular attacks more swiftly! Because honestly as it is currently I would rather go without than with.
  6. Zandermanith

    Old Arena Mode Back PLz

    Would be interested in seeing an Arena stage that goes on forever and rewards you based on how high you got/how many waves you completed. Higher difficulties could start you on higher waves! Maybe even have rotating Factions to keep you on your toes!
  7. Oh not to worry, I missed it my first time through as well! Did have fun fighting zombies for several minutes though, not gonna lie~
  8. Look beyond the spike door, there perhaps may be something you need to interact with! Perhaps with a long range method of sorts~
  9. Zandermanith

    Update logs?

    As much as I like discovery, I would enjoy seeing a change log for the game. Maybe some dev notes on some of the mechanical changes, like how dodging with snap dodge functions now (Which I do quite like personally!)
  10. Zandermanith

    bug [v1.09a]Interactive mode bug

    Interactive Mode has a lot of issues, like being unable to interact with anything if you become an Asylum Patient. This mode was likely just thrown in for fun and just lists all the assets, which is also probably why a lot of the gun names just overlap their boxes~
  11. Zandermanith

    Everything is Broken?

    Is it just me, or did v1.09.a break absolutely everything? None of the Arena mode stages start, they break in the same way Training Room 3 did. I encountered numerous problems while trying to complete Sleeper Labs, turrets don't go back to idle mode, the sounds randomly cut out, the music also cut out, the elevated platform by the Flamethrower turrets got activated without my prompt, and I couldn't proceed beyond destroying the console above. Then the game crashed. I tried reinstalling the game already. I just wanna know if it's the same for anyone else?
  12. Zandermanith

    Save Data Location

    Excellent, thank you!
  13. Zandermanith

    Save Data Location

    Is the save data stored anywhere accessible? I recently switched computers and lost all save data, arena mode's slow start was already not that fun to go through the first time, it wasn't so exciting the second time either even with the optional boost in EXP. (Although I did find out I was far more capable of doing story mode than my first time through!) I was wondering if there was any way to back it up somewhere? Thanks!
  14. Zandermanith

    Will this be on console?

    They still needa finish and polish the PC version, the idea of porting it to another system is probably a long ways off, if it'll happen at all~
  15. Zandermanith

    Corpus types?

    Gestalt is a special case in the story, his Corpus type will probably be exclusive to him. And zombies are probably just meant to be extra durable compared to regular enemies!