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  1. TheShadow

    Madness Project nexus ModV7

    Is this the hacked version ?
  2. TheShadow

    what is your favorite madness combat character

    Mag Agent: torture
  3. TheShadow

    4 Dudes 1 Sword ;)

    Hank was actually hiding behind something i was lazy to put something there , it was just a simple test , thanks for the review btw
  4. TheShadow

    29th Of July 2018 - Forum Update

    Is there a way to go back to the old forums again ?
  5. I made this in like 2 minutes so dont hate xD, (I do these randomly when im animating)
  6. Somwhere in Nevada  ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͠°) 1530828277_Somwhereinnevada.PNG.9ad111047759d273cb6138c497bb5e6f.PNG

  7. Bad ass A.T.P Soldat 😄😄 1012639005_badasssoldat.PNG.f9d371d963cfd61603a27f0c1f5f7930.PNG

  8. Tell meh what you think test 5.mp4
  9. Hi ...Well basically ........ he kills the agent ............yes...............Tell me what you think......... shooting test.mp4
  10. TheShadow

    4 Dudes 1 Sword ;)

    Well yeah i will , this was just a test, i was practicing with animating sword and stuff like that
  11. TheShadow

    4 Dudes 1 Sword ;)

    Tell me what you think walking test.mp4
  12. TheShadow

    Madness combat animating stuff

    Ok i think i made a little bit of progress , what do you guys think ? walking test.mp4
  13. TheShadow

    A.A.H.W posters

    Add an interesting voice line xD