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  1. Audanti'sshitposts

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    "Magical fire that will keep us locked inside. Moment we pass through that barrier seems there is no turning back. Not sure about the rest of you but I would like to know the best way to bring it down before we enter. I assume that some sort of ancient artifact of power is in play right? That or whoever or whatever we are hunting is capable of being an environmentally friendly pyro." The look of apprehension and unrestrained awe upon his visage was a sight to behold.
  2. Audanti'sshitposts

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    (Yes I will skip the wall.)
  3. Audanti'sshitposts

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    "Wait this town is surrounded by a ring of what we can only assume to be magical fire? And the first response to this is to step in and investigate this anomaly? I would be fearful but to be honest I've always wanted to do something like this and if I had any regrets I would not have signed on in the first place. Before we go in one question. Is this magical fire set by one of these beings we are looking for? Or did one of your organization members have an accident and cause this little incident?" Excited he was fiddling around with the straps of one of his holsters.
  4. Audanti'sshitposts

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    "Howdy friend! Roscoe Zimmerman at your service. I have not been graced with a nickname though so pardon my lack of one." He offered his right hand to shake while his left curled around one of the sidearms on his person. Nervously glancing around he said. "So uh you spot anything that goes bump in the night? Your friends were joking about what they said earlier right no way werewolves and the like exist or still exist."
  5. Audanti'sshitposts

    madness project realm

    Seems way too much effort for a REALM level. That being said rather impressive wonder how the GO3LMS will look and act like? Hope the levels are not mainly eight whole minutes of walking and hitting someone occasionally.
  6. Audanti'sshitposts

    Madness Project:Nexus mod Old Days

    Hopefully you are not running into the problems with Flash that Sean is with his last two streams.
  7. It has been a few weeks now. Enough time to have moved past the tragedy and continue like I always have.

  8. Audanti'sshitposts

    Hofnarr Fast Sketch.png

    Photo taken before work on PN. Do not do PN kids.
  9. Audanti'sshitposts

    bug I had to remake my account! "New Forums ISSUE"

    What do you mean exactly by having to remake your account?
  10. Audanti'sshitposts

    Does anyone know how to get the chainsaw?

    Learn something new everyday. Thanks for the info and apologies for spreading false info by mistake. Goes to show my lack of knowledge with Arena.
  11. Sorry to inform you all but due to family issues involving a dying uncle with cancer. As well as me being swamped with school work I will sadly be inactive on here for the foreseeable future. Rest assured I will return at some point but until then have fun and enjoy the forums. 

  12. Audanti'sshitposts

    Does anyone know how to get the chainsaw?

    You are very welcome enjoy your day.
  13. Audanti'sshitposts

    Does anyone know how to get the chainsaw?

    From what I am aware unless I missed something the chainsaw is only present in the Interactive mode. No where else Arena or Story will you see a chainsaw but you will find urinals and other weapons.
  14. Audanti'sshitposts


    The emoji spam here as well as the meme was entirely irrelevant to the discussion at hand. Consider this a warning and avoiding posting memes or a jumble of emojis to topics that are important when it comes to answering someone's question.
  15. Audanti'sshitposts

    Madness Memes

    Limbo champion!