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    Danny chimes in here. “One, don’t worry about Pascal’s group. They’re a sledgehammer in the dark. Two, you’re gonna have to be more specific. Peacekeepers get a lot of enemies. The only one I can think of currently, that matches our info, is the Brotherhood of the True Dreamers, or simply the Church of the Dreamers. It matches the ritual killing style, too. I’ll keep digging.”
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    You shoot him directly in the head, "Jesus Christ!" another person shouts what do you do next? (I'm going to bed now, I won't be able to work on this for a bit though, feel free to suggest anything while I'm gone)
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    kk let me whip out me old cc animater yersh?
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    lemme whip out the old animate cc ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    pm63 is a sexy as hell gun, and the idea of tossing in more guns that require one at a time reloading would give way to the sks, or an sks clonelike. It'd be great for lower level 'adequate' firearms.
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    The game is almost unplayable on mac with frame rates hovering in the 20s just standing still in campaign mode and dipping into the 5's. Even with the res set at the absoulute lowest there is no rise in the fps.
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    I have noticed that the AI for my squadmate is completely broken in story mode. However, in arena mode, the AI for my teammates is actually really good. My squadmate in story mode is completely useless.
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    I have a few bugs to report, some of which were present in previous updates and all are related to squadmates in arena mode. Theres a bug that occurs when a squadmate is told to attack an enemy while holding the middle mouse button (to persist the command to attack enemies). When told to attack the enemy they will do so, but will not move away from the body until it either despawns or the wave ends. They will, however, continue to attack any enemies that come within range of the body. I would like to add that it looks like they are still trying to kill the body, as when they are able to start sprinting while hovering over the body, they will perform a jump kick takedown toward it. In the most recent update I have also noticed that after the body they have been trying to attack despawns, they will move in a random direction until hitting a wall, showing the "pickup weapon" command action next to their name. I have noticed that when squadmates have to follow me up certain inclines, they cannot follow until I stop moving, this happens in the large double ramps in the apartments level and on the ramp farthest from the camera in the zed rooftops level. I have not created a new savegame for the most recent update if that provides any more useful info. Let me know if you need any game files from me to track down these issues. I wish you the best of luck in fixing these issues! (Hope this format is alright, my first bug report lol)
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    step 1: you to install notepad++ in your Desktop you need to install Madness project nexus 1 http://www.mediafire.com/file/odnnkgdbxus006b/Madness+Project+Nexus+8.1.rar you need to install Flasm in File you well get flasm for mod PN1 http://flasm.sourceforge.net and you need flashplayer after you install all on your desktop you need to make a new New folder you can call any name you like on your PN1 mod and you need to rename the name of PN1.swf for any name you like and pout all this on your folder you make step 2: now you need to open CMD in cmd you need to type cd C/Users/your PC NAME/Desktop/Mod files/flasm16win this you need copy form your Folder you make you Klick Enter you type flasm -d your mod name.swf > to mod.txt you after you done swf to txt you will see Text Document say your mod.txt open Text Document you will see a lot of stuff in your mod.txt step 3: start make mod so you need to install my PN1 txt i make for all https://www.dropbox.com/s/y75v5mtxyfmkm61/madness project nexus.txt?dl=0 it's help you to make PN1 mod storyProgressWorld0 this is for open all PN1 StoryMod when you start new game in story mod it's well start on Ep1.5 you can change any characters in story and arena step 4: how to change in arena characters so you need to find push r:this, 'myName', 'player' this will Find your madness Project nexus 1 arena play you can play any characters you like step 5: after you done make your PN1 mod save and go to cmd type flasm -a mod.txt is going to say all change in PN1 and start pn1 and have fun with your own PN1 mod if you have a Questions for PN1 mod Tutorials you can add me on my Discord account !StorySwap!Asriel#7777 and i well help you
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    I have some suggestions for enemies in PN2. 1: Elite Soldat/Engineer. They have increased tac-bar, health,etc. Their masks/thingies are changed into red and their uniforms have changed to red. They also have a star on their vest. They can also wield 2 weapons. 2: Controlled Agent (change the name if ya want) They cannot die unless you destroy their transmitters (a controller directed to the brain) or destroy the one who's controlling them, or shut off their power supply for them. NPC: Maybe some freindlies would be nice? Who give free health in Easy mode? (Normal and Hard and Harder none) correct me if im wrong if theres no easy mode then just do it on Normal.
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    C:\Users\NAME\AppData\LocalLow\Gibbing Tree\Madness_ Project Nexus 2\Careers
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    I wouldn't mind some temporary allies. Like freeing prisoners of the Nexus or cultists. It could work.
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    i dont have friends to play with ;(