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    Hank: Performs 10000% Accuracy shot Professor: Cracks knuckles and casually gives the middle finger to the laws of physics; Matrix-dodges bullet Professor: Umad, terrorist?
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    I briefly went over it in the other thread, but I believe that discord RPs and forum RPs can have their own niches. The CRM discord RP has, in particular, an excellent gameplay aspect. Additionally, response times are generally quick, and a lot of progress can be made in a single session. Furthermore, dialogue in discord RPs flows well for obvious reasons. While forum RPs are much slower and have much fewer gameplay elements (usually amounting to "1d100 for everything"), past events are better preserved than in discord RPs (imo, scrolling is very inefficient when you're looking for a particular event, fight, or interaction, particularly one made towards the beginning of the RP). This means that people can join in a forum RP whenever, as they have all the context they would need without having to scroll for a few minutes to find specific occurrences. The other strength of forum RPs is the potential for large blocks of narration. Because players aren't in a hurry to post replies, and because each post will be preserved and easily recoverable, detailed responses are encouraged. Observations on the surroundings, thoughts about the situation and other characters, and subtler actions/thought processes can all be enumerated, elaborated, and examined. GMs, additionally, have an opportunity to really flesh out the settings. Granted, this means that forum RPs are slow paced and require a lot of work and dedication. If the GM burns out (which is usually the case for the more detailed RPs), then the story is basically over.
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    I might want re-design some sprites of my cursed's army. Some stuff are old and need to be remake.
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    I am thrilled to see that you've found how well that works. We have to make it more clear that Sanford's meat hook is good for messing up MEAT
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    This was an old video I made like YEARS ago. You can see the Movie Maker quality, but for those of you who are missing a few less-than-obvious medals, maybe this might help?
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    (This is precisely why http://orokos.com/roll/ exists. In the old forums, most rolls were done either by trust -- high rolls or several successful rolls in a row usually got screenshots-- or by orokos.) (From what I can tell, though, the forum RPs I've taken part in are light on the "gameplay" to encourage more narration -- hence the text walls-- and to move the plot forwards quicker.)
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    That probably wouldn't fix much anyways. Swain is aware of the issue and it'll likely be fixed in the next update, I'm sure.
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    Perhaps once modding becomes a thing (which I hope it will), you could let people create mods that spice things up in such ways.
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    umm im ok with this, i just with grappling can be change to a button rather than um, scrolling
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    I think most of what you've addressed are things I've taken issue with myself. A lot of it boils down to preference, but the big points that are clear problems are: Grapple is too slow and stops the game while you're doing it. Enemy Tac-Bar stops the game while you wait for the pink bar to drain. I've got a few ideas on how to address this. Grapple DOES need to be a LOT faster than it is. Allowing the next hit in the chain to start more quickly would make a big difference. I might also just add a passive Corpus drain for being in Grapple in general to speed it along. The UI will get touched up eventually also, but not until we settle on the system. As always, I don't mess with UI until we know the system it represents is solid. If we just change grappling again, I've wasted a day creating UI for it. The game requiring you to upgrade your Tac-Bar isn't a problem, since it's not like we cap you out at a max number of skills. I DO want the benefits of armor to be greater but also diminish Tac-Bar quite a bit more than it's doing now. Definitely, the big things we're going to tackle first are those things that slow or stop gameplay. Those are big no-nos.
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    https://www.kongregate.com/games/Asriel343/madnes-project-nexus-party-mod-iii mod v7 update i add some weapon and armor
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    Zed corpus is what gives them the ability to regen. If you somehow managed to acquire a Zed corpus, you'd come back to life 80% of the time when killed, unless it's a headshot. Gestalt corpus is like...9999 trauma capacity. By comparison, player characters tend to have 15. Eventually we want to let players unlock and swap around different corpus types to make better builds, but that's low priority and would come after we get weapon modding into Arena.
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    Look around the room a lil and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    You know, this might be a strange one because of the history behind it, but i'll say it anyway. The H&K G-11 assault rifle. Even though the gun takes unconventional ammo, it could still work. Or perhaps the Type 94 Nambu pistol. Which could or could not have a 5% chance to accidentally discharge as you draw it.
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    We got some ideas for how to take some of the edge off of this map. Either from reducing the stakes to so that falling is not fatal, or reducing the area that falls into the hazard, or some combination of the two. You're absolutely correct, the stage far breaches unfair and moves into bs territory. It got a pass from me because it's so pretty, but it can be more.
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    Firearms ya say? How about laser shooting toaster (portable weapon of mass destruction and source of great roasts n toasts)?
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    Sniper rifles wouldn't be good. In my opinion, the nature of the game (large groups of enemies in CQC) makes slow-firing/low-bullet-count/high damage guns prone to overkill (and therefore inefficient) to use. If given a choice between the S&W 500 in-game equivalent and the Five-seveN in-game equivalent, I would take the latter any day. Though if you give sniper rifles super powerful rounds which pass through armor and flesh, you could line up a bunch of enemies and knock them all down. That would make sniper rifles fun and viable, though I doubt they would have very much ammo, and as such, sniper rifles would be less sustainable than shotguns or rifles. I'd also like to add that, should effective sniper rifles be added, Class 2 MERCs (aka living pieces of shit) would become that much more annoying to deal with.
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    Aud didn’t set up the system, it was a collective group of people with the main header being S070.
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